Submission ID Name Format Sort Descending Submitter Submitted Modified Certification
DDMODEL00000049 TDM1_Antibody_Drug_Conjugate_PK_Model Original code Brendan Bender 2015/11/30 2015/12/17 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000136 Tate 2016 Metastatic Breast Cancer Tumour Growth Model for Docetaxel Combinations Original code Sonya Tate 2016/01/07 2016/10/16 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000034 PK of moxifloxacin in patients with diabetic foot infections Original code Sebastian Wicha 2015/11/30 2016/05/18 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000222 Hansson_2013_Fatigue_GIST Original code Pierrillas Philippe 2016/10/11 2016/10/12 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000248 Morphine PK in children younger than three years Original code Catherijne Knibbe 2017/09/08 2017/10/09 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000300 Nanoscale PK of paracetamol and metabolites in zebrafish larvae Original code Rob Christiaan van Wijk 2019/05/02 2019/08/05 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000125 ACTH_Cortisol_Circadian_Rhythm Original code Mats Karlsson 2015/12/13 2016/10/21 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000060 Troconiz_2009_epilepsy_NegativeBinomial Original code Elodie Plan 2015/12/01 2015/12/14 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000243 Time to event modelling of competing risks Original code Joachim Grevel 2017/07/12 2017/07/19 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000093 WählbyHamrénJohansson_2015_CardiacSafety_TQT Original code Amy Cheung 2015/12/10 2015/12/11 uncertified model
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