Submission ID Name Sort Ascending Format Submitter Submitted Modified Certification
DDMODEL00000110 Magni_2000_diabetes_C-peptide PharmML 0.8.x Paolo Magni 2015/12/11 2017/11/08 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000033 Magnetic Marker Monitoring GI Transit Model Original code Sven van Dijkman 2015/11/30 2016/10/26 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000124 Madrasi_2014_HIV_tenofovir PharmML 0.8.x Paolo Magni 2015/12/13 2016/10/10 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000005 Lledo-Garcia_2013_diabetes PharmML 0.8.x Paolo Magni 2014/09/25 2016/10/10 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000194 Likert Pain Score Modeling: A Markov Integer Model and an Autoregressive Continuous Model Original code Anders Thorsted 2016/05/24 2016/05/27 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000213 Li_2006_PK_Meropenem_AdultPatients PharmML Lisa Ehmann 2016/08/26 2016/08/30 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000192 Lestini_2015_PKPD_Oncology Original code Giulia Lestini 2016/05/23 2016/10/27 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000109 Lacroix_2009_Markov model Original code Roberto Gomeni 2015/12/11 2015/12/15 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000077 Krzyzanski_2010_Filgastrim_PKPD Original code Celine Sarr 2015/12/09 2016/05/23 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000106 Krippendorff model for receptor-mediated endocytosis PharmML Zinnia Parra-Guillen 2015/12/11 2016/07/15 uncertified model
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