Submission ID Name Sort Ascending Format Submitter Submitted Modified Certification
DDMODEL00000273 Kovalenko_2016 PK model for dupilumab in atopic dermatitis patients and normals Original code Andre Jackson 2017/12/21 2017/12/21 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000224 Kloft_2006_myelosuppression_docetaxel Original code Ida Netterberg 2016/10/12 2016/10/13 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000220 Jonsson_2011_ethambutol_pharmacokinetics Original code Siv Jonsson 2016/10/11 2016/10/12 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000039 IVGTT Integrated glucose insulin modeI (IGI) Original code Moustafa Ibrahim 2015/11/30 2016/06/03 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000058 Integrated gastric emptying and bile release model Original code Benjamin Guiastrennec 2015/11/30 2015/12/16 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000094 Insulin sensitivity from labeled IVGTT PharmML Roberto Bizzotto 2015/12/10 2016/05/18 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000098 Holford 2008 diabetes progression Original code Nick Holford 2015/12/11 2015/12/14 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000322 HCQ popPK model Original code Pauline THEMANS 2020/05/09 2020/08/20 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000120 Hansson_2013_hypertension_sunitinib PharmML 0.8.x Paolo Magni 2015/12/12 2016/10/10 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000222 Hansson_2013_Fatigue_GIST Original code Pierrillas Philippe 2016/10/11 2016/10/12 uncertified model
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