Submission ID Name Format Sort Ascending Submitter Submitted Modified Certification
DDMODEL00000090 Claret_2009_oncology_capecitabine_TGI PharmML Nadia Terranova 2015/12/10 2016/07/13 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000128 Ribba_2012_PCV PharmML Christian Laveille 2015/12/15 2015/12/16 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000230 A pharmacokinetic model for interleukin-21 therapy validated prospectively in murine experiments in melanoma PharmML Moran Optimata 2016/10/26 2016/11/01 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000078 Chalret_2014_Abexinostat PharmML Vincent Croixmarie 2015/12/09 2016/02/12 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000091 Van Cauter C-peptide model PharmML Roberto Bizzotto 2015/12/10 2016/05/18 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000186 Friberg_2002_Oncology_Paclitaxel_Myelosuppression PharmML Zinnia Parra-Guillen 2016/05/17 2016/08/24 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000225 PKPD model for ciprofloxacin PharmML David Khan 2016/10/13 2016/10/13 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000129 Peigne_2015_Ivabradine PharmML Vincent Croixmarie 2015/12/16 2016/02/12 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000231 PK/PD model of sunitinib in non-small cell lung cancer patients PharmML Moran Optimata 2016/10/27 2016/10/27 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000106 Krippendorff model for receptor-mediated endocytosis PharmML Zinnia Parra-Guillen 2015/12/11 2016/07/15 uncertified model
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