Submission ID Name Format Sort Ascending Submitter Submitted Modified Certification
DDMODEL00000120 Hansson_2013_hypertension_sunitinib PharmML 0.8.x Paolo Magni 2015/12/12 2016/10/10 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000233 Zierhut_2008_Population PKPD model for Fc-osteoprotegerin in healthy postmenopausal women PharmML 0.8.x Kyle Baron 2016/11/18 2018/07/13 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000116 Friedrich_2014_HDL PharmML 0.8.x Paolo Magni 2015/12/12 2016/10/13 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000112 Magni_2006_diabetes_MinimalModel PharmML 0.8.x Paolo Magni 2015/12/11 2016/10/13 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000006 Simeoni_2004_oncology_TGI PharmML 0.8.x Paolo Magni 2014/09/25 2016/10/05 certified model
DDMODEL00000102 Meibohm_2013_oncology_EMD525797_TMDD PharmML Nadia Terranova 2015/12/11 2016/07/18 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000089 Chan 2010 - HIV PKPD Viral Load Model PharmML Phylinda Chan 2015/12/10 2016/05/25 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000127 Bueno_PreclinicalBiomarkerTGI PharmML Niklas Hartung 2015/12/14 2016/07/15 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000002 Friberg_2009_Schizophrenia_Asenapine_PANSS PharmML Zinnia Parra-Guillen 2014/09/24 2016/05/18 uncertified model
DDMODEL00000213 Li_2006_PK_Meropenem_AdultPatients PharmML Lisa Ehmann 2016/08/26 2016/08/30 uncertified model
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